Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8

Traffic Jam Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8 ( in 150 words)

Traffic jam is a common issue in our country. A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that are stuck in traffic. It’s a familiar occurrence in major cities and towns. It has now turned into a big problem. It causes a horrible situation in our daily lives.

There are several reasons for traffic jams. The primary reasons for traffic jams include an increase in buses, trucks, rickshaws, and motorbikes. Overpopulation is also another cause. On the other hand, our country’s traffic control system is undeveloped. Drivers are also accountable for this problem. Another reason for traffic jams is insufficient knowledge about traffic rules, overtaking tendencies, and parking here and there. It causes untold pain to the passengers and hampers vehicle movement.

Our government should take additional initiatives to handle the problem. To overcome this situation, we must all work together. Public awareness is also required to overcome this situation.

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