Primary Teacher Question Solution 2010-2020 Download PDF

We have uploaded the Primary Teacher Question Solution 2010 – 2020. You can find all primary teacher exam question solution on You know that we had provided the professor recent job solution various question solution pdf.

Primary Assistant Teacher Question Solution 2010-2020

For the primary assistant teacher exam, the 80 marks multiple choice question (MCQ) exam will be held within one hour for compulsory subjects like Bangla, English, Mathematics & General knowledge. Given below the mark distribution of primary assistant teacher MCQ test.

Mark Distribution:

  • Bangla – 20
  • English – 20
  • Mathematics – 20
  • General Knowledge: 20

Primary Assistant Teacher Question Solution 2010-2020

In this post, you have the year exam question solution of the Primary Teacher Exam. So keep it mind here all solutions are available here.

Primary Teacher Question Solution 2019

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Primary Teacher Question Solution 2014

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Primary Teacher Question Solution 2013

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Primary Teacher Question Solution 2012

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Primary Teacher Question Solution 2011

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Primary Teacher Question Solution 2010

  1. Primary Question Solution 2010 – Kopotakho
  2. Primary Question Solution 2010 – Esamoti
  3. Primary Question Solution 2012 – Seuli
  4. Primary Question Solution 2010 – Titas
  5. Primary Question Solution 2010 –Korotoya
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