WordPress Vimeo Youtube Popup Plugin & Advertisement Your Video.

This is a WordPress version of my original top selling Vimeo Youtube Popup Plugin.This is a plugin that allows users to easily create popup videos that appear after clicking an element on the page. This could be an image, link, or whatever you want! These videos can be youtube or vimeo videos. Shortcodes included makes … Read more

Get Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin v4.01

Superfly is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that generates space efficient vertical push/sliding/static navigation,icon toolbar or fullscreen menu on your choice. It can be used as standalone navigation or compliment your main menu. Superfly makes navigation much easier and user-friendly both on desktops and mobiles. Concept of slide in vertical menu that proved itself on … Read more

Common Shortcut For Computer

Common Shortcut for Computer Shortcut Keys Description Alt + F File menu options in current program. Alt + E Edit options in current program Alt + Tab Switch between open programs F1 Universal Help in almost every Windows program. F2 Rename a selected file F5 Refresh the current program window Ctrl + N Create a … Read more