Clean up your PC | Get faster ROM-RAM on your PC.

Clean up your PC | Get Faster ROM-RAM

Clean up your PC every day, anyway with “Run” Administration, Disk Clean up, Clean Muster tools. If you do this perfectly, you will get faster RAM & ROM on your computer. If you are beginner user on a computer, you must have fallibility in the tutorial. Okay, Let’s go to learn step by step. 😛

At glance

  • At first, you can use “Run” administrator option.
  • Okay, Go to click the home button and write “run“. Then Click ‘Enter‘ button.
  • Write in the blank “tree” & “ping” separately. Example: Home-Run-tree/ping-Enter.
  • You must use ‘tree’ & ‘ping‘ differently. but it’s work to perfect.
  • Then you can use of option ‘temp‘ & ‘%temp%‘. Example: Home-Run-write ‘temp‘/’%temp%‘-Select All (Ctrl+A) – delete.
  • Or, You also can see feature video under this post.
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