The Cardiff Ground is the better gift for Bangladesh Cricket Team

The Cardiff Ground is the better gift for Bangladesh Cricket Team

In 2005, I was studying in class 9. Then, Bangladesh Cricket team traveled to Australia to play the Tri-nation series. The tri-series was organized by NatWest. Bangladesh, England and Australia were playing in the tri-series.

I am always a cricket fan. I did not support any cricket team without Bangladesh still the same. At the time of night we used to study in the lamp of hurricanes. Even then, in villages, electricity was used to making reddish light by the generators only at market places. At that time there was no solar power. Perhaps, the solar power system was introduced in Sandwip in the midst of 2009. So, we used to use Galvanic Cell to watch TV show, TV skin displayed white-black picture. Together with my sister, I had collected money from our Tiffin’s money for charging battery to watch Bangladesh Vs Australia’s match.

First match, Bangladesh played against England. But Bangladesh lost the match by 10 wickets. In the match, only Aftab Ahmed got scored a Fifty. But the rest players couldn’t play better in the match.

We were totally upset. My mother was angry with us because of watching the game in the time of night without sleeping.

Next match, Bangladesh vs Australia. We were waiting as previous match. But that match looked like different from the last match. On that day, we were watching the game with low volume of TV so that my mother couldn’t notice. Because my mother never wanted that we watch the game remaining insomnia in the overnight.

Whatever, at last We had a massive victory from the match against Australia. We had victory by 5 wickets with the biggest record in the cricket world. Mohammad Ashraful was being an amazing player in the cricket world. He got a hundred within the famous win. Second highest scorer was Bashar (47), the captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team at that time. Bashar said, “I am the happiest men in the world.” And Whitmore (Bangladesh Head Coach) said, “I am smiling.” The match was called “Ten biggest one-day upsets.” Pointing (Australia’s Captain) was feeling upsets by said, “It’s not a great start for us.” The top headline was in the Newspaper “Pointing fury at Symonds’ drinking.” Because Symonds was suspended in two ODI.
It was on 18 June, 2005. But Today 9th June, 2017. Bangladesh playing their third ODI against New Zealand in the Champion Trophy 2017 in England. But Same in one here which was Cricket Ground of Chardalif. We are watching match. The last update is New Zealand throw a target to Bangladesh for 266 runs need to win.

Bangladesh is bating now. But second ball, Tamim Iqbal gone by golden duck. After all , Four wickets have gone to collect score 24 runs. Wicket fall: 0/1, 10/2, 12/3, 33/4. Today my sister’s husband was angry with my sister when HE saw Bangladesh about to lose the match. But Sakib Al Hasan and Mahmudulla got himself hundred runs between make up 224 runs of partnership that is record in the cricket world looked like Mohammad Arsharful’s record in Cardiff. At last, we won the match against by 5 wickets look like was record against Australia.

I think so, The Cardiff Ground is the better gift for Bangladesh Cricket Team. Congratulation Bangladesh National Cricket Team. Go Ahead Tiger.

Sakhawat Hossain Sohel, Ziggasa.